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Rural Village Subdivision

The Clevedon Village Plan Change has recently been made operative and has been introduced to the Auckland Unitary Plan as the Clevedon Precinct. This Precinct provides for additional business and residential zoned land around the periphery of the Clevedon Village and rural-residential development along the rural/urban edge.


Our team is currently providing planning and engineering services to prepare subdivision plans, engineering plans and resource consent applications to enable development of approximately 80 ha of this land for residential, rural-residential and commercial development.


The subdivision design requires consideration of existing flood plains within the site, the interface between residential and semi-rural land uses, and integration with the existing Clevedon Village

Residential Development Waterview

CivilPlan consultants provided planning and civil engineering services to secure resource consent for integrated residential development at Waterbank Crescent, Waterview. 


The site contained 11 standalone dwellings on large sites.  Resource consent has been granted to redevelop the site with more intensive residential development achieving 32 units comprising a mix of duplex and standalone units, maximising the proximity of the site to the Waterbank Reserve.

The site shape and sloping contour provided some challenges for intensive development to achieve site levels that met access requirements whilst providing for overland flow and achieving sufficient cover for existing and proposed drainage.  We are now providing ongoing contract observation services for the development.


Industrial Subdivision
Auckland International Business Park

The Auckland International Business Park comprises approximately 35 hectares of industrial zoned land in Mangere West.


Our team is currently providing engineering design services for the subdivision of 25 hectares of this site.


Our services include earthworks design, design of stormwater, wastewater and utility services, and contract management of site construction.