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Residential Subdivision
CivilPlan is proud to be providing planning, project management and civil engineering services to support the Developer in the delivery of this exciting project. 
The development consists of around 2,000 new residential sites and 100 ha of industrial land at the small town of Pokeno.  



Land Rezoning
Redhills, Massey North
Redhills comprises an area of approximately 600ha adjacent to the Westgate shopping centre in Massey that was zoned Future Urban in the notified Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.


CivilPlan has provided a lead planning role to develop a structure plan which informed rezoning of this land through the Auckland Unitary Plan hearings process to provide for approximately 13,000 new homes along with a local centre, new schools and an integrated open space network. 


This process involved working with key landowners, a wide range of technical consultants and Council to achieve a comprehensive policy and rule framework for the Redhills Precinct to ensure that development of the land achieves a quality urban environment.  


CivilPlan is now providing planning services to key landowners to progress subdivision and development of their land within the Precinct.  CivilPlan is also assisting landowners to negotiate infrastructure funding mechanisms and agreements with key infrastructure providers and Council Controlled Organisations.



Sunset Beach Lifeguard Facilities, Port Waikato

This project involves the extension and refurbishment of the Sunset Beach Lifeguard Service club rooms which also include facilities that provide for community groups, meetings and functions.


This upgrade is essential to improve insufficient facilities and replace the current community hall that is threatened by coastal erosion.

CivilPlan provided planning and engineering services to gain resource consent a no cost to the club, which was critical to secure major funding from NZ Lottery Grants Board.


The timeframe for this consent was challenging and CivilPlan is proud to deliver for a volunteer led project that will contribute to the wellbeing and functioning of the local community.


Our services included design of stormwater, wastewater and utility services, along with earthworks design and sediment and erosion control plans.