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Planning Services

Planning Advice and Feasibility Investigations


Whether you require advice at a strategic level or site specific planning advice, we can assist.  Our clients value our knowledge and insight. 


We undertake feasibility investigations, assessing development constraints and opportunities and providing advice on development potential and associated costs in liaison with our engineers, including preparation of concept plans to demonstrate how a site could be developed.


Where required we engage the services of other specialists and liaise with Council and other third parties to provide comprehensive advice.


​Our team of planners is experienced in the preparation of submissions on resource consent applications, notices of requirement, proposed plans and policy documents, Council’s long term plans etc. to ensure that the strategic property interests of our clients are protected and/or advanced.


Structure Planning and District Plan Changes

​We provide project management and planning services to undertake comprehensive structure planning of land to facilitate rezoning for urban activities, specialising in the rezoning of land within Special Housing Areas.


We manage all technical experts, undertake consultation with Council, iwi and third parties, write the proposed rules and provisions and make the Plan Change or Variation request to Council, including a full assessment of environmental effects and Section 32 analysis.


"Successful projects begin with a clear vision"


         the result is good


Resource Consents

Our planners and engineers collaborate to prepare comprehensive resource consent applications for submission to Council.


We have experience preparing applications for a variety of development proposals from site specific land use consents through to large scale residential, commercial and industrial subdivision proposals, including earthworks, storm water discharge and stream works consents.